Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Favourite Space Marine Unit

Out of the whole space marine range, there is one unit I just adore - for both gaming AND modelling/painting.  After Christmas I thought I would buy myself a present, a brand new squad of 10, to add to my existing 20...

A squad of Sternguard Veterans!

The amount of weapon choices is vast.  Each man can take almost any of the ranged weaponry available to space marines.  On top of that, their boltguns aren't just the normal s4 ap5, but a variety of different ammunition that can take down anything.

And I mean ANYTHING:   

  • Power Armoured Foes - ✓
  • Models in Cover - ✓
  • Hight Toughness Models - ✓
  • Long Range Shots - ✓

In my opinion the new sternguard kit is really versatile and I'm certainly going to use the spare parts for some squad sergeants I'm also building.  

Anyway, need to go and build my sternguard now, so watch out for some pictures.


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