Sunday, 26 January 2014

WIP: Sternguard Veterans #1

Time for my second Sunday Post, a series which shall be named Crodon Sunday's.  (Of course this doesn't stop YoshKa posting on Sunday's).  This is the first half of my third squad of Sternguard Veterans. (Possibly even Tyrannic War Veterans ;) - only the ones with bolters of course)

To be perfectly honest, this has to be the longest time I have ever taken to put a unit together.  So far, it has taken me several HOURS just to put together these five.  However the most intricate attention to detail has been given to these guys - as these are the five in the squad who are not holding their bolters in two hands.  The rest will be two handed bolters/plasma gun/combi-grav, but no less attention to detail.  Watch out for them in the near future.

When I design the load out for my sternguard veteran squads, I normally try to go for: A sergeant with at shooting and combat capabilities; two men with combi-weapons; finally two men with special/heavy weapons.  This way there is at half the quad left with standard bolters (giving 7/8 bolters in total including combi-weapons/sergeant and they can make use of their special issue ammunition.

With the onset of the sixth edition codex this made all my sternguard veteran squads marginally cheaper, which is always welcome, of course.

Anyway, enough of my babbling, here are some photos of the assembled half squad.


Here's my work station (Making use of those newspapers that come through your door).

Sergeant with Grav Pistol and Power Sword

Veteran with Heavy Flamer

Veteran with Combi-Grav

Advancing Veteran

Veteran with Bolter and Combat Knife

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