Saturday, 14 June 2014

More and More Orks

It seems that this Ork release has the potential to be the longest release the Games Workshop has done (for a while at least).  Several Ork units, which need updating, have not been rumoured lately but some of their models have disappeared.  Deffkoptas are no longer available at the moment and if this release is only going to be four or five weeks, it doesn't look like we will get any models for them.

Above is a picture of the new Shokk Attack Gun taken from How to paint Citadel Miniatures of the same name.  Also visible is a slightly blurred Mega Nob.

The two pictures below are both almost the same but just show a slightly different angle.  They appear to be previewing an entirely new 'eavy armour unit sporting kombi weapons.  Again the theme of circular saw based weapons feature again.

They appear to be much bigger than boyz so although tankbustas and kommandos spring to mind I don't think that these are those.

Any ideas anyone?   EDIT: They may be nobs that have and metal jaws added to them.


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