Monday, 7 July 2014

Waaagh! Da Orks are kummin'!!!!!!

We will crush da puny hummies wiv da big klaws of Gork an Mork!  Dakka dakka - Beware Grukk Face Rippa!!   Waaagh!!!

The Orks have taken over Citadel of Paint and aren't allowing for any humans to appear amongst these pages for as long as possible.

A new post is well overdue and with YoshKa and I busy on other projects it's now time to get down and dirty again.  To celebrate this Ork release and our return to the internet after a month (or two) of absence, we are going to bring to you just an Ork invasion - No Hummies Allowed!

This means YoshKa painting Orks and me, well, I'm join to have to paint some terrain.  This will last as long as the Orks can hold back the Imperium (i.e. when either I run out of terrain or YoshKa, Orks.

Over the course of the next two summer months we will bring to you, Stompas and Bastions, Bikers and Ruins, Shokk Attack guns and Imperial Statues.

Watch this space,

Crodon & YoshKa

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