Thursday, 21 August 2014

Showcase: Ork Bommer

 So, this has been a really enjoyable model to paint. It wasn't at first (SO MUCH RED) but by the end I was really getting into all the little details and things. More photos and an apology after the jump...

I have to first make an apology (two actually), firstly for not posting for AGES... I've been pretty busy, but that is not an excuse really. It is simply that irritating fact of the more you leave it the harder it becomes to start again. Second apology is for the state of this photo. Whilst the plane is actually quite nicely lit, the background is horrific, normally I would photoshop it, but the combination of busy background and crazy plane outline made it very difficult. I tried, I promise but honestly it was better un-photoshopped. (The white paper was to make the base stand out from the table to make photoshopping easier, but clearly I needed some for the whole plane.

I really got to go mad with the freehand all over this, trying to break up the sea of redness.

Anyway about the paint job, it was pretty simple just time consuming. I painted up all the red very flat, then the metal. I then highlighted every single edge in orange (pain like you have never known) and set about weathering. I weathered it quite heavily because otherwise I felt the red was just too overpowering and had nothing to break it up.  Hope you like the pictures in all their un-photoshopped glory ;)


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