Tuesday, 12 August 2014

WIP: Attack Squad Solus #2

Here is an update on my strike force.  There are a few posts that should be appearing over the next few days, that I haven't yet been able to take photos fro as I have either not been at home, the weather has been too poor for half decent lighting or I have been painting!  More after the jump...

I have now managed to complete:

The Imperial Knight Errant
The Predator
The Razorback (although I am touching it up - It's an old paint job)
The Ironclad Dreadbought
The Attack Bike
The Captain

All I have left is:

Half the Command Squad
The Bike Squad
2 Terminator Squads
2 Tactical Squads

In total that means 40 models to go but I'm sure they will fly by in no time at all.

Until Next time


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