Sunday, 5 July 2015

A New Age is Dawning...

The End of Times have been and gone and right now it is time for a new age to begin.  The Age of...

The Age of Summer is here.  With the onset of a complete reboot for Warhammer Fantasy, there is finally some time to spare to work on 40k models.  I have an Armies of the Imperium project to do (very similar to Garfy over on Tale of Painters).  Yoshka has an entire horde of orks to look after and the Freeboota King himself will be making an appearance very soon.

This is the end of our hiatus here on Citadel of Paint and we really hope that we can produce many great articles over the course of the summer and beyond.  We have both been heavily snowed under for the last 9 months and it is time to break the mould and get cracking.

We may potentially even give the Age of Sigmar a glance or two - White Dwarf's free Stormcast Eternal model will surely be making an appearance very soon as well.  I have a large backlog of items to build and paint from the many releases of the past year and hope to share my ever growing backlog with you soon.

Watch this space for more...


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