Thursday, 9 July 2015

Showcase: Kaptin Badrukk

Hello I'm back! :) I've just finished what I think is probably my favourite model that I've painted. More photos after the jump...

I've had the model itself for a very long time now and that's why the front of the base got a bit messed up (grrr) don't know how it happened but hey - gotta live with it. It's a great model to paint - there's so much detail and so much scope to go crazy with colours as well - since he's such an eccentric.

 The highlights for me are the purple areas - the feathers and the overcoat cuffs - as well as the back of his overcoat. I wanted it to stand out but not be too bright colourful as it's such a large surface area. To do this I actually only really used one paint - The Fang - and then mixed it either with black or Ushabti bone do make different shades and just built up the ripples in the material with a ton of layers.

 I also weathered it quite a lot (I can't help myself). The model did highlight something I need to learn to do better and that is teeth - there are sooo many teeth on this miniature!! So wheras normally my inability doesn't really show too much - here it was thrust into the limelight - they don't look bad, just not as good as I'd like.

Hope you like him :)


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