Monday, 29 August 2016

Armies on Parade 2016

We're BACK!!!  This year YoshKa and myself are finally getting round to doing our shared armies on parade project we've planned to do for the last couple of years...

We're planning to create a diorama scene between two armies we'll paint up one army each to share the load - I know it may sound like cheating but it's better to have done something than nothing.  We're straying from both our usual paths though and not including any imperial armies - ok well that's just me.

No space marines and no orks!!  What could they possibly be painting you say?  Well after starting to paint up my space hulk models - finally - I settled on some tyranids, particularly those found in the death storm and star collecting box sets.  I'm painting them in the colours of hive fleet leviathan, because of the three major hive fleets I think they have the most interesting and diverse colour scheme.

Yoshka for various reasons has settled on Tau of the Tau Sept and hopes to include the contents of the old tau battle force and the start collecting box sets - notice a theme yet?  Of course the start collecting box sets are GWs largest value sets (£50 for the tau one that includes a £45 crisis battle suit set a £30 fire warrior set AND an ethereal!!?).

We're currently planning to set them up in a mountainous ice land carved from blue insulation foam.   Some tyranids will be bursting out the ground with Old One Eye himeself (itself!?) starting to devour a devilfish.  It may be armies on parade but what better excuse for a diorama.

We hope to bring you more as the weeks go on on our progress.  Look out for posts tagged Armies on parade!

Crodon & Yoshka

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