Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Armies On Parade - YoshKa Post 1

My first post for our Armies on Parade entry. Who's excited...?

So as you may have read Crodon and I are entering the Armies on Parade competition this year with a joint entry diorama type thing - Tyranids vs Tau. Neither of us have a lot of experience painting these armies so we will be learning as we go.

I think these are some of my favourite models I've painted so far (sorry Orks!)

It has fallen to me to paint up all the Tau (mainly because I already have some...). The only Tau I have that I have already painted though are these three fellas you see up at the top - some stealth suits (also a half finished devilfish but...). I've chosen to do the original Tau Sept Ochre paint scheme that used to be on all the boxes before 'Eavy Metal decided to show off and start doing them all white.

I'm really pleased with how these three came out so hopefully I'll be able to keep it up across the rest of the army.

All the smooth clean lines make for such a change from the jaggedy, rough
textures you get with Orks - it's a completely different painting style
much more about smoothness and precision than anything else - very zen
I'm currently working on a squad of fire warriors - and I've decided (for speed) to batch paint them - something I usually shy away from - however we have a tight deadline so needs must. I'll let you know how that goes as I get further towards finishing them + maybe a tau painting tutorial if we're not too pushed for time as it is. Until then,

YoshKa x

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