Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WIP: Space Wolves Grey Hunters #1

So finally have done some work on the Grey Hunters from the Stormclaw boxset.  You can see these two are pretty much done except some details on the shoulder pads, which I plan to do on the whole squad at the end.  Read on for more pictures.

So here are some more angles.  At the moment I haven't got a proper photo booth set up so I'm just using a sheet of paper and an iphone.  It seems to work alright but I would like to set a proper station back up to get good quality photos for showcase and tutorial posts.

These are the last last three Grey Hunters in the squad.  I built them as specified in the Stormclaw rules but that isn't actually necessary any more since 8th Edition doesn't have any formations. Oh well.  The weapon load out isn't terrible...


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