Friday, 2 May 2014

All About Games Workshop...

I am not normally one to talk in a harsh way about Games Workshop, as I love pretty much most things they do.  I very rarely dislike a model they make and couldn't care less what a unit's rules are - if I want them in my army I will put them in it.

So what is this post about you may ask?  It all starts with an order I recently made involving the new Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain #1...

Ever since the release of the new website I knew that I wanted a couple of copies of the new web exclusive models (one of each to practice on and the other to be the main model).  So I first waited to see if any new releases took my fancy and for some later issues of White Dwarf to be released, when I finally made an order at the beginning of this week.  I made the order, including some White Dwarf back issues, and so the waiting game began.

Today the wait was finally over and I tore into the parcel in absolute joy and happiness - ready to make my next order including the second captain and a second copy of the first.

All this joy was short lived though as it quickly dawned on me that my captain was nowhere to be found in the box.  All the other items were present and the captain was even listed on the order form in the parcel (so not even coming in a separate box).  To say the least I was absolutely furious.

I duly find the customer service number provided on the order form and hastily dial it.  More to my dismay I was greeted with the message "Games Workshop customer services is closed Friday 2nd May for staff training.  We will reopen on Tuesday 6th May."

My first thought - this date is after the end day for the offer, not only not enabling me to get my second copy but possibly not my first either (depending if they decide to dispose of the unsold units).

At this moment I am quite lost about what to do except visiting my local Games Workshop store.  If anyone has any suggestion, I would love to hear them.

This whole charade has left me livid and annoyed at the (apparent) incompetence of the warehouse/delivery team.  I do realise these mistakes can happen - but for it to be the limited edition model and to also have these other things happen is just unbelievable.

Update:  This problem has been completely resolved (as of the day after this post) and you can read more about my experience with gw customer service here.


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