Saturday, 3 May 2014

GW Customer Service - Amazing!!!

After trouble with my order and a Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain, everything has been resolved and I am now 'Happy as Larry'.  If the tone of my post dealt with me using words too extreme for the subject matter, I blame it on a heat of the moment annoyance and are not at all angry with Games Workshop at all (and apologise if I offended any of the warehouse team - you do an excellent job and I acknowledge that you can't always be perfect, we are all human).

A large thanks to Kyle from Games Workshop Customer services, who helped me out with the issue.  I felt it was handled in the best way it could possibly have been handled and exceeded my expectations by miles.

After seeing my post on this blog, I was sent an e-mail asking if I would like to have my model delivered home and the code sent to me via e-mail.  I did not know of this email, however, until I called in to my local Games Workshop Store, where the manager managed to get hold of the very same person who had seen the blog post, via telephone.

After a conversation over the phone, I was immediately given the code for the second space marine captain and sent the first by post - the best possible outcome I could have dreamt for.

Yet again I would like to say thank you to Games Workshop Customer Services and that I have only ever heard good comments about them.  I am personally thrilled that I have had the same good treatment that many others have managed to experience.

Until next time, from an extremely happy person,


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