Thursday, 15 May 2014

New Plastic Terminator Captain Spotted?

I honestly cannot work out if this model, spotted in the psychic phase video on what's new today, is a kit bash or a new model.  More after the jump.

It appears to be a new sculpt itself due to how refined and seamlessly detailed the model is.  This Terminator wielding a storm bolter and relic blade appears to sport a new iron halo and a differently styled relic blade to that in the vanguard veteran box.

So what does this mean?  Models have to be released with something, is this something we are going to see alongside new Blood Angels?

I would really love a plastic Terminator Captain with this level of detail.  Here is a link to the original video.  What do you think, new sculpt or personal kit bash?

Update: More info can be found here.