Friday, 16 May 2014

New Terminator Captain Agemman

This new Space Marine Terminator Captain has shown up again.  This time it is in a White Dwarf preview of A Galaxy at War (The miniatures book from the 3 book collection).  Along with this new picture comes annotations as to what is what.  Read on after the jump for more...

This picture shows a zoomed in shot of the picture underneath.  The A label can be clearly read as "Captain Agemman".  So does this mean that we are about to get our first true plastic clam pack character?  Also when are we looking at a release for this?

The only two possible ways I think they can release it in the very immediate future is either with an Apocalypse War Zone or alongside a wave of new plastic characters for other armies.  Only time will tell.  Presumably this character will also get a dataslate to go with it.

Also to note that this model shares many characteristics with the old terminator captain: Storm bolter, sword, and breathing apparatus.  This would suggest the removal of the old terminator captain model.  It seems as if the transition to plastic is beginning...


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