Saturday, 15 February 2014

Imperial Knights and Beyond

It is certainly an exciting time at the moment with leaks from the fourth issue of White Dwarf.  The revelation of Codex: Imperial Knights and Codex: Legion of the Damned.  More after the jump...

On the 22nd of February the 4th Issue of White Dwarf weekly will be released and along with it a new kit; which will build the new Imperial Knights.  The picture above is of the Knight Paladin and there will also be an option to build the Knight Errant, and possibly another unknown option.  These will both be super heavy walkers with strength D melee-weapons.

There is also a description in White Dwarf as how to use them as part of the new Codex: Imperial Knights.  Here is the paragraph directly quoted from the leaked White Dwarf:

"Imperial Knights can be fielded as army in their own right, in a primary detachment of three to six Imperial Knights.  They may also be taken as allies, you can include up to three Imperial Knights as an allied detachment for each primary detachment in your army.  You'll also note that Imperial Knights use D weapons and the Invincible Behemoth special rules - details of these can be found in both Apocalypse and Escalation."

This would suggest that if there is a Codex: Imperial Knights, it would only contain a couple of units.   This leads me to believe that Codex: Imperial Knights will be a digital only book (for now - at least), with the rules also in the White Dwarf (as we have already seen).

I am very much looking forward to this and would love to add this as a Lord of War sized unit to my Space Marines/Grey Knights as I don't really want to shell out £400 on a Thunderhawk Gunship.  I'm also really liking the design and I think they would look great next to a Dreadknight.  Only problem at the moment: I can't seem to decide on which unit I would build if a bought a kit.  Any ideas would be much appreciated, so drop down a comment below with your thoughts.

The next exciting piece of information is Codex: Legion of The Damned.  This looks to be another digital only Codex along with Codex: Inquisition and Codex: Adepta Sororitas.  I have always wanted there to be an option for other units in a Legion of The Damned army (Veterans/Terminators/Cheaper normal troops).

Beyond these releases we are looking forward to Imperial Guard's move to more plastic kits - which they are in desperate need of - expected in April.  Followed closely by Orks, in May or June.  New units for Orks are LIKELY (so no rumour here, just my personal thoughts) to be Deffkoptas, tankbustas, kommandos, flash gitz and possibly mega nobs.

Anyway I will leave you with a few more leaked pictures of the new Imperial Knights.


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