Sunday, 16 February 2014

White Dwarf Issue 3

With the third issue of the new White Dwarf out, it would appear that although the format will be the same throughout each issue, there may possibly be some differences in the third issue of each series of releases.  This welcome surprise comes in the form of both the Citadel Hall of Fame and a Battle Report - WITH WORDS!!!   More after the jump.

The reason there is space for a battle report in this new rigorous format, seems simply to be because there are fewer releases in the third week.  Along with the rumours for a new army in the fourth week, it would appear that each army gets released over a three week basis:

The first week for current models being updated; the second for the codex/army book and other models; then the third week for the rest of the models and the army bundle box.

The weekly schedule also allows for more flexibility around the weeks, so if more or fewer weeks are needed it is possible.  It also means that if only three weeks are used for each army, you get an extra army every three months (in regards to the old monthly schedule).

Anyway that's enough of my wittering on.  Each section of my review will be titled to the content in White Dwarf.  If my review reads "Writer's Column", it simply refers to the article by Jervis Johnson/Phil Kelly/Jeremy Vetock/etc.

New Releases:  Pictures and description of the new Iron Breakers and Iron Drakes and Dwarf Battleline.  New Tyranid Dataslate, Fantasy PC game - Talisman and Black Library Books.

Writer's Column:  This Week Jeremy Vetock.  Talks about sportsmanship in Victory or Defeat (and any foul language that comes with it).  Interesting read but know idea how he managed to fill two pages with it.

Battle Report:  So we have a battle report with words featured in the pages of White Dwarf once more.  There is one problem with this battle report however: there are hardly any pictures.  You can never seem to win.

Adam Troke:  This week he talks to Chris Peach: One of the men behind painting the Zhufbar Dwarf Studio Army.

Hall of Fame:  Ragnar Blackmane sculpted by Jes Goodwin and nominated by Darren Latham.

Paint Splatter:  Ironbreakers and Irondrakes.  Learn how to paint these units exactly as the 'Eavy Metal team do.

Sprues and Glue:  The art of fitting regiments on movement trays, together neatly.  I would say this was the most useful part of the magazine and especially useful for any fantasy players.  The next week teasers says "Building Large Miniatures" (bring on the Imperial Knights).

The Rules:  Dwarf Irondrakes.  Adam discusses how they are good at both close combat and shooting and Dan talks about how to use them better than how Adam did in the Battle report.

Designers Notes:  Colin Grayson speaks about how the design for both the Ironbreakers and Irondrakes came around from the background fluff.  An interesting article if Dwarves are your thing.

This Week In:  This week they focus on grudges (Dwarf grudges - not in the White Dwarf team),  Dwarfen words, Munitorum Report: Irondrakes and the other usual weekly columns (see here).

Hobby in the Bunker:  Painted models by the White Dwarf Team:  Screamer of Tzeentch (Mel Roberts), Nurgle Plaguebearers (Jes Bickham) and Empire Archers (Rebecca Fergusson).

Week's Rating:  6/10  Would have been higher had there been more pictures in the battle report.  Would have been a 5 if it were not for Sprues and Glue (I can tell I'm going to enjoy this article).

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