Sunday, 9 February 2014

Retouching and Grey Knights

Today I took the decision to repaint some old models, desperately in need of my now more experienced hand.  They are not near completion yet, so they are a little messy.  Here are shots so far for my work this Sunday.



This model is what i have spent most of my time on.  It was the first model I ever painted and I did not have the correct paints for the job.  The head also turned out a bit blobby so that was what I attempted to fix most today.

Space Marine Captain

This assault marine used to belong to YoshKa but he didn't build it very well and it always died in battles so I inflicted vengeance upon it.

Cato Sicarius


Kaldor Draigo


Librarian Again

Knight of the Flame

Castellan Crowe

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