Saturday, 8 February 2014

White Dwarf Issue 2

Another week means another White Dwarf and along with my paints today I picked up the second Issue of White Dwarf weekly (mainly because it made the price easier to pay, change wise).

So here is my next review of White Dwarf...

This issue is generally carrying on from where the last left off.  Same format, same sort of content, same length, same price.

Looking at two magazines now, you can see that the format is going to be quite rigorous, as each type of article is exactly the same length and on the exact same page in both issues.

First up are all the week's new releases, along with a nice amount of description and most importantly TEXT.  Never did I think I would value text so much.

Next up is an article not from Jervis Johnson but from Phil Kelly,  entitled "Kelly's Column".  I can see that this will probably mean a rotation around several different authors that fill this double spread in the magazine.  This week the article was very interesting to read, but when you look back on what you have just read, it's not worth the paper it's printed on.  (Well not the price you pay for it anyway - each double page spread costs about 30 pence).

It seems that the next four pages are Adam Troke talking to "experts" in armies recently released.  These experts include Codex/Army Book writers (past and present), and individuals from the White Dwarf team and the production office who own a large collection on the subject topic.

Paint Splatter every week.  This is great as it means that since there are not very many model releases each week, you get to see the one/two models in paint splatter for sure.  It was also a great decision to keep Paint Splatter in both magazines, as I think it will give balance between new releases and anything else they want to have in a Paint Splatter.

Sprues and Glue makes a return this week and it seems like it will be a feature in every issue.  (I do wonder where it could possibly go as there really are only so many articles you can do on glueing)  This week they talk about sub assemblies and make an important note that clear plastic crystal should only be glued with PVA, if only I had known this a year ago...

It also appears that we will get rules every week, for the new models.  As I have said before a welcome re-addition to the magazine.  Going back on what I said last week, I don't think it will just be for models without rules yet.

Designers Notes is just a nice way to let the designers of the models have a little say about their ideas and to gain a little more recognition for themselves.  Even if the article wasn't interesting, I would still support having it in the magazine.

This Week In will, as the name suggests, vary each week on content.  A few regular parts of This Week In seem to be, Codex: Apocrypha ("Notes from the worlds of Warhammer"), Munitorum Report (Positives and negatives of new units' rules), Ask Grombrindal (Questions sent in by readers), Weapon of the Week, Bit of the Week and Reader's Model of The Week.

Finally Hobby in the White Dwarf Bunker, which includes pictures of models the White Dwarf team have painted and the last page is advertising the next White Dwarf and Warhammer: Visions...

So the contents for each magazine should look something like this:

  • Page 1 - Contents and Price List 
  • Pages 2-13 - New Releases
  • Pages 14-15 - Writer's column (Jervis Johnson/Phil Kelly/others?)
  • Pages 16-19 - Adam Troke
  • Pages 20-21 - Paint Splatter
  • Pages 22-23 - Sprues and Glue
  • Pages 24-25 - The Rules
  • Pages 26-27 - Designers Notes
  • Pages 28-31 - This Week In
  • Page 32 - Hobby in the White Dwarf Bunker

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