Sunday, 16 February 2014

Readying for the Big Push

Today was not the most exciting of hobby days but a necessary evil: basing and spraying day.  With now only 30 models left to base and all models sprayed I feel I have made quite an achievement.

I appreciate that spraying and basing pictures are probably not the most interesting, so today's Sunday post will show you the inside of my model cupboard where I hide some of my larger models.  Pictures after the jump.

So here are some pictures of my basing and spraying areas for those that are interested.  After which I can start getting completely stuck in to painting my force.  If only the weather would warm up so I can spray my Macragge Blue...

Now onto some pictures inside my cupboard and a glimpse of my Ultramarine's Baneblade which was pinched off a destroyed regiment of Imperial Guard by a techmarine and paint blue.

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