Sunday, 23 February 2014

White Dwarf Issue 4

Sorry for not getting this review done yesterday, as I was either out or reading this!!!  This is the first White Dwarf that I am properly excited about.  This probably is mainly due to the fact that it is 40k (and Imperial as well).  Full Review after the jump...

Yet again the White Dwarf team have proved to me that the format is not as rigorous as we previously thought.  Perhaps it was to start off with and now they just can't be bothered anymore.
So I have come to the conclusion that, format wise, they have a list of articles to choose from to fill the space and they use what they have space for in 32 pages.

Here is what the list of articles should look like:  New Releases; Writer's Column; Battle Report; Adam Troke; Hall of Fame; Paint Splatter; Sprues and Glue; The Rules; Designers Notes; This Week In; Hobby in the Bunker.

Since this is the general format of each White Dwarf I will structure each review as so and give a rating at the end.  On to the review.

New Releases:  Imperial Knight (Paladin and Errant patterns);  Imperial Knight A4 transfer sheet (this is a second transfer sheet, to add to the one in the box);  Sentinels of Terra;  Codex: Legion of The Damned (Digital);  The usual Black Library Assortment and Warhammer: Visions Issue 2.

Adam Troke:  Jervis Johnson and Jes Goodwin explain the introduction of the Imperial Knights into Warhammer 40k and provide background that would normally belong in a Codex.

Paint Splatter:  Painting guides for the two major Knight Houses:  Useful, simple, not too many paints to go out and buy.  The broad amount of designs for the knights is great if people want to add a knight to their collection but don't want to go out and buy a whole new set of paints.

Sprues and Glue:  Advise on building large models.  Very useful information and there is a picture depicting which sub-assemblies to make before painting.  They then advise Plastic Glue: Thin (personally I don't like the thin one because all the models I have ever made with it have fallen apart) and keeping the knight very posable.  Glenn More give a tip on how to allow the knight's torso to rotate.

The Rules:  Full rules  for both Imperial Knight Patterns and how to field them as an army or as an ally.  Dan Harden and Adam Troke give contrasting opinions on how to use the Knight Paladin and agree on how to use the Knight Errant.  Contrasting views are never very helpful, but if in doubt just listen to Adam.

This Week In:  Very short paragraphs on sculpting the Knights and writing the Sentinels of Terra and Codex: Legion of The Damned.  Other weekly articles you can see what they are here in bold under the This Week In section at the bottom.

Hobby in the Bunker:  Dan Harden's Ork Warbikes,  Matt Hutson's Dragon Slayer and Slayer Units and Adam Troke's Purple Genestealers.

Week’s Rating:  9.5/10  The reason for this high rating is (not being biased towards 40k AT ALL) because it essentially a complete Codex for £2.40.  You may argue that yes those units in your codex are £85 (so £340 for 4 in a 1,500 point army).

Looking towards the next White Dwarf it would seem that there will be more articles to expand on the Imperial Knights' background and also to add to the lack of some of the articles in this issue.  (Writer's column, battle report, designer's notes).

Watch this space for Crodon Sunday, soon.


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