Sunday, 23 March 2014

Attack Squad Solus

I have decided that it is time I have a restricted project to do, rather than just paint any of my models whenever I feel like it.  This is where Attack Squad Solus comes in.

I have designed a - roughly - 1850 point army of Ultramarines that includes a variety of models that I want completed.  Occasionally I may go back to finish the odd thing off but I mainly want to finish this before I let myself loose on my Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing and Imperial Knight.

Here is an army list of the force including only one model (the razorback) which is already painted, and although I am not very happy with the paint job (as it is one of my earlier ones) I don't think that I am going to change it.

Attack Squad Solus - 1878


Captain Solus - 105
          - Boltgun
          - Power Sword

Command Squad - 225
          - Apothecary - Plasma Pistol
          - Company Champion
          - Company Standard Bearer - Plasma Pistol
          - Veteran - Storm Bolter and Power Fist
          - Veteran - Plasma Gun

Razorback - 90
          - Twin-Linked Lascannons
          - Storm Bolter
          - Hunter Killer Missile


Terminator Squad - 235
          - Cyclone Missile Launcher
          - 2x Chainfist

Terminator Squad - 240
          - Assault Cannon
          - 4x Chainfist

Ironclad Dreadnought - 165
          - Ironclad Assault Launcher
          - 2x Hunter Killer Missile


Tactical Squad - 210
          - Veteran Sergeant - Power Fist + Combi-Plasma
          - Missile Launcher
          - Melta Gun

Tactical Squad - 180
          - Veteran Sergeant - Boltgun + Bolt Pistol
          - Missile Launcher
          - Plasma Gun

Fast Attack

Bike Squad - 273
          - Biker Veteran Sergeant - Power Sword
          - Melta Gun
          - Plasma Gun
          - 5 Standard Bikers
          - Attack Bike - Multi-Melta

Heavy Support

Predator - 155
          - Twin-Linked Lascannon
          - Lascannon Sponsons

You can see some pictures of the unpainted and (slightly) broken force above and below.  Hopefully some painted shots are coming soon.

This list will also become 2250 points with the addition of the Imperial Knight - although I still haven't decided which variant to choose - Paladin or Errant?


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