Sunday, 16 March 2014

WIP: Terrain Time

This is Crodon, speaking to you from the past!  Since I'm away currently this weekend, I needed a project that I could easily rustle up for my Sunday post.

I have scheduled this post to appear on the blog this Sunday if all goes according to plan.  Read all about my ruined buildings and bubbling craters after the jump.

There was a time where I had no terrain and it made the gaming side of things exceedingly boring.  Now it is less boring, however, I suppose I would like a few more items to add different flavour to each battle - rather than just the terrain I currently have.

The pieces of terrain I have are as follows:  4/5 ruins,  5 craters of lava, one crashed Aquila Lander set, 2 bastions 3 sets of aegis defence lines and some gun turrets - oh and not to forget my trusty battle mat.

Here are some pictures of my terrain collection and the progress I am making painting through them. Since my lava craters are complete I won't post any pictures here but wait for a Showcase Post.


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