Saturday, 8 March 2014

White Dwarf Reviews

Sadly getting every White Dwarf, every week is not a realistic venture at £2.40 a pop.  This means that reviews on the weekend of the release are going to have to stop.  More info after the jump.

I will possibly buy the White Dwarf a few weeks later online, and review it then but for now I will stop.  I also feel that there is not much to review other than list all the contents - and since each article is so short, it is almost difficult not to give away all the content.

I have also got a copy of Issue 5 that needs reviewing so look out for that soon.  Also if any factions I am hugely interested in (i.e. space marine, grey knights, necrons, orks, main game) I will definitely pick a copy of those up straight away.

Moving on to Warhammer: Visions.  I do currently get this magazine through the post every month, and will continue to do so since I get it for less than half it's price.  However I'm not really sure that it is much worth review since it is mainly just pictures, and yet again, I can tell you how I read it in two minutes.

So if I do plan on doing Warhammer: Visions reviews, they will be short, sweet and to the point:  Quick for me to write, quick for you to read and gain the general gist.  I only want the writing to be quick for me purely because I don't want to spend too much time labouring over it (and more time painting).

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