Sunday, 9 March 2014

Warhammer: Visions 2

Yet again another disappointing magazine.  Read in two minutes flat.  However if you have a subscription from the old White Dwarf, Keep it!!!  This way you get the magazine at 2/5 of the price.

More of a review after the jump.

There is no point in starting a subscription to this magazine - in my opinion - unless you collect most armies, in all 3 game systems.  I can see how if your own army has been released the month before or is heavily featured.  Then this is worth buying:  To see lots of nice pictures and paint schemes.

All I can say is I can't wait for a White Dwarf weekly subscription, as I will buy that immediately (and cancel this of course).

Anyway here is a list of things you can find in the magazine:

New Releases: Lots of Dwarfs

Army of the Month: Steel Legion armoured force with allied Grey Knights and Ordo Malleus Inquisitors.

Parade Ground: Various Golden Demon entries.

Battle Report:  The same as in White Dwarf 3 but with pictures instead of text.

Kit Bash:  Tau Battlesuits

Blanchitsu:  The normal rubbish (I personally don't like Blanchitsu style painting/artwork)

Featured Race:  Dark Eldar armies facing off some Crimson Slaughter models.

Recent Army:  Lots of Dwarf Pictures

Paint Splatter: Dwarves

Happy Reading


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