Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tedious and Boring?

The one constant in any man's (or woman's) hobby life is not just undercoating and basecoating, but cleaning up as well.

Today, as the heat wave (well... - 16 ÂșC) passed over Britain, I was finally free to spray my models blue - without any strange freezing/clumping of the spray paint on the models.  I now only have 20 models left to base and 50 to spray blue, which means that the majority of my models have some colour on them!!!

However, as spray paint takes about an hour or so to dry.  I took the time to finally clean up my paint station and other tools.  This did take up most of the hour as scrubbing at dried paint needs some real elbow grease behind it.

I also had time today to do some more work on my Grey Knight Techmarine, but I won't show any pictures of that just yet as I am waiting to do a Showcase post.

Just before I round up for the day, I have one last question for the community.  How do you like to  spend your time waiting for models to dry?

Until Next Time


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